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TIME Scholars Discuss the Prison-to-School Pipeline

On Thursday, March 14th FirstFollowers' campus organization, TIME Scholars, held an event focused on Building the Prison-to-School Pipeline on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus. The purpose was to consider interventions aimed at reversing the "school-to-prison pipeline" which targets youths (predominantly Black and Brown), and introduces them to the revolving door of the mass-incarceration epidemic.

TIME Scholars is a Registered Student Organization of UIUC

Multiple speakers talked about their unique stories and perspectives on increasing accessibility to institutions of higher learning for people with felony convictions. Perry Cline, James TYGAR Corbin, Terence Alexander, and Quianya Payne did a wonderful job of highlighting the role that education plays in easing life for returning citizens. After the speakers, a lively conversation followed with formerly incarcerated individuals, university students and faculty, and other stakeholders.

It was pointed out that college is not the only means to reduce the number of students going directly from school to jail. College isn't for everyone. This conversation will continue. And, while TIME Scholars continues to focus predominantly on post-incarceration education, we seek to insert ourselves into any conversation focused on contesting and combating mass incarceration.

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