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Terence Alexander Accepted into the University of Illinois School of Social Work

FirstFollowers is proud to announce that our Assistant Coordinator of the GoMAD Program, Terence Alexander, was admitted in to the University of Illinois School of Social Work. Terence will be getting his Masters in Social Change and Leadership. Terence is the fourth Peer Mentor at FirstFollowers to be accepted to the University of Illinois School of Social Work.

Terence Alexander grew up in Champaign County and graduated from Urbana High School. He received his BS in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University in 1991. Terence spent 2004-2006 incarcerated and on parole in Illinois. Upon release he moved to Milwaukee and worked for the Bureau of MIlwaukee Child Welfare. It was there that he saw a serious lack of cultural competency and empathy in social work. He soon moved back in Champaign, reconnected with longtime friend and FirstFollowers’ founder, Marlon Mitchell. Terence was inspired by Marlon’s work in his own doctorate program.

Terence uses his past to help others understand the challenges facing formerly incarcerated people and under served communities. He is looking forward to bringing his own experience to the classroom, to help expand FirstFollowers’ work, and affect policy and legislation upon his graduation.

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