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Mandatory Supervised Release Reentry Freedom Act passes the IL House

Yesterday, March 26th 2019, HB 1115-The Mandatory Supervised Release Reentry Freedom Act, passed the Illinois House Judiciary Committee. The bill was sponsored by State Representative Carol Ammons. On this promising outcome, FirstFollowers Director of Advocacy and Outreach, James Kilgore, writes, "..This will end the use of electronic monitors (ankle shackles) for those who have completed their sentences in the IL Department of Corrections. There are currently about 2,500 people on monitors at an annual cost of $6.5 million-all of which goes to the GEO Group, the provider and the world's largest private prison operator. The bill must now proceed to the whole legislature and hopefully by the end of May we will have first law in the US that bans the use of EM for people who are on parole or supervised release. Thanks to Representative Ammons who sponsored the bill and all who worked on it. Still lots more to do."

To learn more about electronic monitoring we recommend checking out the website, Challenging E-Carceration

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