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Help Us End Community Violence in C-U

Dear friends and colleagues,

We thank you for your continuing support for FirstFollowers. During the past year, we have been at the forefront in campaigning against gun violence in the community, in providing education and training to emerging adults, and in extending services to people returning home from prison during COVID-19. On July 18th we announced our three-point platform of action:

1. Defund the police and reallocate the funding to support projects that lift up the community. 2. Eliminate School Resource Officers (police) from our schools. 3. Continue our mobilization against community violence.

We ask for your support in raising $20,000 over the next month as we put this platform into action.

We will:

1. Open our Transformative Justice Hub in north Champaign. We have been working on the renovation of this building for over a year. On August 21st we will have an open house and begin to hold community-based programs and workshops related to restorative justice.

2. Begin classes in early August for our fourth cohort of GoMAD, our workforce development training for emerging adults. Our previous cohorts have successfully renovated our FirstSteps Reentry House, our Transformative Justice Hub and are currently working on our organizational headquarters in central Champaign.

3. Continue our reentry work by operating our drop-in center, the FirstSteps Community House and partnering with the City of Champaign to offer a Welcome Home program for people coming home from prison during the pandemic.

4. Extend our media and education work on gun violence by building on the posters, bus signs, billboards and videos we completed this summer.

We thank you for whatever support you can offer.

To make a donation, click our "shop now" button on our fb page, visit or if you prefer, send a check to FirstFollowers PO Box 8923 Champaign IL 61826

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