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H3-A Model to Address Community Violence

On August 30, 2021 we joined with Business Elevator and a number of other community members to do a presentation on a new model to reduce violence. The model is H3 where the three H's stand for Harm, Healing and Hope. This model aims to set up a one-stop community center which would offer a range of services to community members impacted by violence, as well as meet other community needs. The solution is that when harm is done, healing then comes in and the result is the building of hope. That's how H3 works.

You can view our presentation here. The first hour of the video is public participation. Our portion begins at about 1 hour and 43 minutes into the video.

Below is a diagram of our vision of this community center with five components: Counseling and Support, General Education, Economic Development, Community Outreach and Civic Engagement, all under one umbrella. We have also listed some services that would be offered under each component.

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